Get a quick view of what things look like here.

driveway entrance

The driveway entrance is about 400 feet south of the mailbox.
You can't hardly see the mailbox in this shot but it is right at the top of the hill.
We stopped opening that gate up there because too many people were using it even though it is unsafe.
This is the view coming up the hill from the south.
The next shot is taken at the mailbox looking south.

mailbox south



The paved path leads to the steps up to the deck or down to the patio.
Head down and to the farthest west door which happens to be white right now.



Once inside who knows what you'll find in progress, maybe a gypsy jazz guitar.



A few clamps.


chug chug

danger zone

Some of the power tool room.

So, there you have it.
Maybe I'll have a chance to clean things up a bit during this pandemic lockdown.

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