Hi Folks,
I hope these recordings are informative and enjoyable.
Many of these were made here in the shop about as simply as they could be done.

Mid July, 2024
Visually and tonally striking,
No158 is a modified OM
with a long horn on the bass side
reminiscent of Knutsen's creations in the early 20th century.
I call it The Longhorn.
No158 OM-LongHorn
Red Spruce
Pyramid Bridge
Compass Headstock Inlay
This unique guitar has an amazing loud rich voice

The LongHorn

Is it June, 2024 already?
No, it's basically July...
Number156 is finished up, photographed and recorded.
15 inch Archtop, Short Scale
Red Spruce
Sugar Maple
Jazz Nouveau Inlay
Floating Benedetto Pickup
Variation on Benedetto Style Tailpiece
The recording features the floating pickup on the right channel,
Large diaphragm mic on the left channel.
15inchVA No156

March, 2024
Wow, already a year has gone by since my last recordings were added here.
No wonder I couldn't remember how to work the recording program.
So much chainsawing and not nearly enough picking.
But here we are with No157, D-M.
Red Spruce
Cuban Mahogany
Tortoise Binding
Snakewood Waverly

Dread Not The CannonTone (tm)

February, 2023
Clearing brush, cutting firewood, building fence, resto mod work, oh yeah
and building guitars too!
No154 J-M
Red Spruce
Honduras Mahogany
Maple Binding
Sunburn Finish
Someday I really am going to build myself one of these, so much fun.
Jumbone with CannonTone (tm)

Red Spruce
Honduras Mahogany
Tortise Binding
Natural Finish
Another amazing mahogany dreadnought with CannonTone (tm).
Dread Not with CannonTone (tm)

Well Folks, if finally happened.
I went to town for errands one day and completely forgot to wear my mask everywhere I went.
So a few days later, I was coughing and hacking, COVID had arrived.
But I still managed to finish up a couple guitars.

First an OM-RW in Red Spruce and Indian Rosewood. No152
Maple Binding
Long Pattern Diamonds & Squares

OM-RW MultiScale No153
Red Spruce, Honduran Rosewood
Maple Binding
Sound Port
25.3-26.7 Scale

May 1, 2022
A sweet little, big sounding guitar
00-M No148, pocket piano
00-M 148

Sunburn OM-RW
Amazon Rosewood is amazing.
OM-RW 149

Mega Milestone!
00-RW No150
14 Fret, Natural Top, Brazilian Rosewood
Full 45 Style Treatment

DS-Hormigo No151
Holy CannonTone!

September, 2021
Another AJ, this one in Hormigo.
Sunburn with Curly Maple Binding
Featuring Big Big Sound!

August, 2021
Hey All, Special Treat On This One!
My buddy Rick Faris let me set up the microphones while he checked this one out.
00-M 14 Fret
Red Spruce, Mahogany
24.9 x 1 3/4 x 2 3/16
Classic Martin 18 Style Appointments
00 Fever

More Rick

Rick's Picks

Red Head Anne

Last Think

Dark Hollow

June, 2021
Mask on, mask off
AJ-Tree, No144
The Tree Mahogany Back and Neck
Red Spruce Top
Holly Binding
Gold/Black Pearl Waverly Tuners

April 21, 2021
Tenor Guitar T-M No145
Red Spruce, Mahogany B&S, Walnut Neck
1.15" Nut, 1.31 Bridge
Satin Finish, Maple Bridge, Custom Tailpiece
21 Inch Scale, 12 Fret Neck
Strings: .016, .024, .036, .053
Tuning Low to High: G D A E


March, 2021
Three guitars finished up with a tenor guitar coming soon.
Surely some day I'll learn some new tunes to play, but until then this is what you get.
00-RW No141 is a Honduran Rosewood 00, 13 fret neck, long scale.


Then there is J-M No142.
This is my take on the venerable J-45.


This maple OM, No143, has a nice complex, fruity and very powerful sound.


December 2020
A cute little archtop with a long scale.
Red spruce carved top, carved mahogany back and sides.
In the stereo mix, one channel is the pickup, the other a large condenser mic.
I bet you can guess which is which.


May 7, 2020
More Lockdown Favorites.
Number 136 is a mahogany dreadnought, natural finish.
It has a red spruce top and abalone long pattern diamonds and squares inlay.
It also sports Waverly nickel oval buttons and a powerful cannon like tone.


D-RW No139 is another one just finished up.
This Honduran rosewood dreadnought has and incredibly rich complex tone and lotsa volume.
The tortoise binding/herringbone purfling gives it a very classy understated look.


March, 2020, Let's all Self Quarantine!
NL-Maple No97
I hadn't recorded this one yet so here it is brand new from 2015.
The first two parts are bare fingers and the rest is with a flat pick.

Fingers and Flatpick

Happy New Year!

January 2020
My good friend Rick Faris came over to the shop to demo some guitars that are hanging around.
Here are the videos on YouTube.


J-M No122

AJ-RW No123




December, 2019
Please forgive my rough finger work, I've been building barb wire fence in my spare time.
Gypsy Jazz large soundhole, long scale, 14 fret.


Mahogany Dreadnought, Sunburn!


Walnut and Spruce Mandola
24.5 inch scale, 17 frets to body.


October, 2019
This is one big guitar.
18 inch archtop, a Super Duper 400.
Red spruce, sugar maple, maple binding, 3 piece maple neck.
It has a Benedetto floating pickup but I recorded it with a stereo mic setup.
It sounds pretty rich while still having a cutting and powerful tone.
Did I mention that it is big?

June, 2019
Three guitars finished this month.
First, a Clarence White style (large soundhole)
African Blackwood/Red Spruce Dreadnought, D-AB No.131.


Cocobolo/Red Spruce OM
Very rich sounding.


And then there's this AJ-Hormigo.
Wow, I might have to keep this one for myself.

Advanced Jumbo

April, 2019
I've got new mics!
2 KMi85.
And a couple new guitars.
Long scale mahogany O-M No127.

Little Guitar with a Long Scale

The Red Spruce, Mahogany OM-M No129.

Mahogany OM

March, 2019
This guitar was designed for Jake Stargel.
He wanted an acoustic short scale guitar with
a big punchy sound.
We took the Martin 0000 shape and altered the bracing
to try to get maximum everything.

Big guitar With a Short Scale

January 2019.
There are quite a few new guitars here right now
and one old one I thought you should hear,
so I spent some time to recording most of them.

Big Body African Blackwood 12 String

Martin D-18

Mahogany D No75

Mahogany J45 Style

Mahogany J45 Style

80% Jumbo Mahogany

Maple J185 Style

Indian Rosewood Advance Jumbo Style

January 2017.
Cory Walker just sent me this recording.
Cory Walker on D-RW No73, Jake Stargel on D-M No74, Jarrod Walker on Mandolin No3 (I think).
Pretty fun to hear 3 of my instruments in the hands of these extraordinary musicians.

Big Red.

January 2016.
Here are some links to Mike Robinson with his D-M on youtube:


Heart's Own Love

Don't Blow Us Apart

Links to Jake Stargel with his Leo Posch guitars on youtube:

Garfield's Blackberry Blossom

Big Mon

Ramblin Rollin Stone

Tie Me Down & Set Me Free

June 2015.
So I've finished up this big batch of guitars
and made some quick recordings.

Starting with No.83, OM-12-RW. That's a Red Spruce, Indian Rosewood 12 string with a slightly deeper body.
Strumming Chords.

This is a Multi-Scale (Fan Fret) 000.
Also Red Spruce with African Blackwood and (gasp!) a sound Port.
The sound port is an interesting thing, to me it makes the guitar have a more
surround sound feel rather than just feeling like some of the sound is aimed at my head.
Noting and Nothings.

Red Spruce, Mahogany, 12 fret Dreadnought.
It's a Big guitar with a Big sound.
Chording and Picking.

Red Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood.
Strumming Not Humming.

These little Nick Lucases sound so big.
With red spruce and quilted maple they look amazing too.
All the Doo Dah Day.

A nice OM with Engelman spruce and Cuban mahogany.
Strums on Strings.

These short scale J guitars sound huge, red spruce, mahogany.
Chording and Picking.

Fun on the couch or at the jam a 00 13 fret with Indian rosewood
is super comfy to play and has plenty of cutting power if you need it.
Just Hit Play.

Another quilted maple with red spruce combo but this time an OM size.
Take 17.

Two new dreadnoughts here for your listening enjoyment.
Nos. 75 and 76, both mahogany D.
Same two tunes on both guitars, 1st is 75 then 76.
Can you guess which guitar is which on the second tune?
My apologies to Norman Blake and Tony McManus.

Humours Of Barrack Street.

Humours Of Barrack Street.

Coming Down From Rising Fawn.

Coming Down From Rising Fawn.

Look out for Jake Stargel playing on the Opry.
They have some hot and tasty picking and singing.
You'll also find him sitting in with folks like Ricky Scaggs.
But anyway, here is Jake with a good ol flatpicking number,
Road To Columbus with No.71 D-RW.

Oh Boy!
Here's the latest thing he sent me, he's playing No.71, and there are a few other great pickers on there too.
Do you know who they all are?
Ramblin Rollin' Stone.

One thing I love about this work is that my customers turn into good friends.
So here is a good friend and customer Kellar with three tunes on three different guitars.
No.24 andOokpik Waltz
No.34 andFishers Hornpipe
No.46 andBeaumont Rag

Here is some new stuff by Kory Willis
on guitar No.59, GA-RW, which stands for
Grand Auditorium, by the way.
Martin also calls this size 0000 or M.
And now the tune called Goodbye Baby Lion

Next isSunflower River Blues
Here is Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life

Alright, here are another couple of tunes by Kory Willis.
His guitar is OM-M No.43.
The first track is Christmas Eve Waltz

Here we have Mike Horan who gave me some of his time
on a cold January morning to do some
fancy fingerings and fretwork.
We set up the Rode NT2 and CAD mics into a tube preamp
into the minidisc recorder for your listening pleasure.
This guitar is No.17, a mahogany D.
It is Mike's Midday Rambler guitar on his own tune
Goodbye Stetson Hat.

This is also Mike's No.17.
Drop D tuning, and if you don't know the tune
then shame on ya.
Play The Tune

Thanks to Seth Hayden for these next two tracks.
He has one of my CLGs, red spruce, mahogany, no binding.
His group is The Washover Fans.
The album is That Habit Suits You.
Light Sweet Crude is this first song.

This next song is calledHome

This is John Messina with Hormigo D No.52.
He recorded with an AT 2021 with just a little bit of compression.
Hormigo is an incredible sounding wood.
I would describe it as
half mahogany, half Brazilian rosewood.
The volume on John's recordings seem to be higher than the others so be careful.
Lonesome Road Blues.

Here's John and No.52 on
Saint Annes Reel

One more from John Messina and No.52.
Here isWildwood Flower

Next up: More from Mike Horan.
This is the latest OM-mahogany, No.55.
I should know thename of this tune...

Mike on OM No.55 again.
This is a pretty little tune called
There And Back Again

This is Mike Horan on D-M No.53.
Capo 2.
Slippery Slope

Mike Horan again but this time with
No.51, a 13 fret Nick Lucas with maple back and sides.
Play It

And again Mike with the NL-Maple No.51 Play It

I made this quick recording a couple years ago
with my homemade stereo mic to minidisc.
The guitar is No.6, a 14 fret 000. Play!

For this next set of recordings
I set up a Rode NT2 about a foot and a half away
and a CAD95 about 5" from the end of the fingerboard.
Into a tube preamp then to mini disc then to computer.
Its just me playing though, so please forgive the mistakes.
Practicing hasn't been on the agenda for years.

This guitar was made especially for
the Thomastik classic steel flatwound strings.
Kind of a fun different feel and sound.
It is a 000-12 fret cutaway, Sitka top, Indian rosewood
back and sides, No.54. Play

Let's see, what should we do next?
How about No.38 that just happened to be in
for a little neck adjustment?
It is an OM, mahogany with a beautiful
Engelman spruce top.

Next up: Nick Lucas, No.51.
Red spruce, quilted maple, 13 fret neck.

Same guitar with bare fingers.
Play Me

Here is No.55, a very powerful OM.
Red spruce, mahogany.

Here is No.55, again,
this time with bare fingers.

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