Leo Posch Guitar Price List
Prices current as of January, 2024
I reserve the right to change any price at any time without prior warning
However, once we agree on a total price for a guitar that is the price unless changes to specs are requested

Base Price $6000
Base price includes: Red spruce top and braces, straight grain mahogany back and sides, ebony fingerboard/ bridge/pins/strap buttons, some wood bindings, stainless frets (smaller sizes),
nickel Waverly tuners, back strip, mop side dots, basic inlay patterns, logo or blank peghead, custom neck size, gloss lacquer,
bone nut/saddle, hide glue construction, maple bridge plate, plate and tone bars tucked under X, hard shell case.

Rosewood, Hormigo, etc back and sides$200+
Brazilian Rosewood back and sides$5000+
Pyramid bridge$100
Abalone rosette$100
Abalone back strip$100
Abalone top purfling, 42 style$1500
Mammoth ivory nut$150.00
Mammoth ivory saddle$150.00
Slotted peghead$500
Multi Scale (fan fret)$1000
Bound peghead$200
No tongue brace-$00.17
Bound fingerboard$200
Purfling around back and sides$100
Sunburnt top finish$200
Sunburnt whole body finish$600
Sound Port$200+

All option prices depend on variety, availability and various other factors out of my control:
Myriads of possible back and side woods
Mammoth ivory strap buttons
Mammoth ivory bridge pins
Custom buttons for Waverly tuners (yes I can make them)
Fancy inlay
Larger frets, smaller frets, bar frets
Brazilian rosewood bridge/fingerboard/overlay
Electronic pickup

Note: Many more options are available.
Let me know what you are looking for.

Leo Posch
5981 Wellman Road
Mc Louth, KS 66054

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