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Leo Posch
Custom Stringed Instruments

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Leo Posch
5981 Wellman Road
McLouth, KS 66054
Mobile 785 424 0752
leoposch at gmail dot com

Here are some other people you need to visit if you haven't already.
Not neccessarily in any particular order.

Of course, one of my favorite bands.
I play banjo with these guys and we try to have a lot of fun when we play.
We now have three CDs for your listening pleasure.
Free Country Music
The Midday Ramblers Play Songs They Know
Bluegrass Music Is Fun

Collect them all!

Susan is a member of of this hardworking band.
These folks have especially great vocal harmonies.
Check them out!

Lots of fun in the heat.

My favorite record store.

If you don't know Mark & Mary you should. What a fun website. Plus a real live

Katy does so much for the Midday Ramblers. Graphic design for T-shirts, record inserts
posters, bibs, photos, hawkin' goods at shows, and so on. Visit her website for very cool
prints, photos and greeting cards.

This club is like an extended family to us. Check out their monthly
jam sessions during the cooler months and the FREE Pickin' Party every
June at beautiful Prairie Lake right outside of Holton KS.

I love Greg's fiddling, guitar playing, song writing and sense of humor.
His website is chock full of all kinds of musical information.
It even has a banjo tab for Banjo Tickle!

A painter, engraver, woodcarver extraordinaire!
You have to see his stuff to believe it. Plus he is a super great friendly guy.

The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans.
Want to see some other makers works, or read what they have to say about building?
Lots of interesting stuff on this site.

Want to know anything about Bluegrass music? Well here it all is.
Kay Bass serial numbers, bass humor, tons of band links,
photos, recipes and on and on.

Scott Tichenor is one of the finest mandolin players I can think of.
Check out his site for anything relating to mandolin, or really anything musical.

Do you need to know anything about the history of Ibanez guitars?
Need a vintage Ibanez part?
Look no further than Mr. Ibanez.

Bill Palmer's site is chock full of all kinds of banjo information. Lots of links to other great sites too.

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I quit working there after 14 years but still enjoy this store and all the people who work there.
You won't find many places in this country that have the playable selection
of guitars that this store has.

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