The Work
Here's this strange mixture of retro nerd / high tech geek.
Hide Glue. Yes!
Stainless Steel Frets. Yes!
Hand Planed Joints. Yes!
2 Way Truss Rod. Yes!

Why is that?


To build the best possible guitar one would look for the best possible materials and techniques.
It doesn't matter if it is 4000 years old or invented yesterday.


And so,
just use the best materials and techniques available.

Red Spruce.
Hard and stiff.


Hide glue.
All major wood to wood joints.
For example: braces to top and back, kerfing,
top and back to sides, fingerboard and overlay
and bridge.
Brace glueing surfaces are hand planed as close to glue up as possible.
That's usually about 10 minutes before.
This creates a surface that is glass smooth with absolutely no oxidation whatsoever.

Gorgeous wood.

Hand cut inlay and stainless steel frets.

Little tweaks here and there for optimum performance.

A stunning instrument.

Don't you need one?


Red Spruce Top and Bracing
Other top woods are available.
Hide Glue Construction
Two Way Truss Rod
Thin Lacquer Finish
Stainless Steel Frets
Bone Nut and Saddle

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